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MIOTTO is a complete living concept that embodies trends and styles from around the globe.  It is elegant in essence and evokes emotions of timeless charm and perfection. 

The MIOTTO collection blends a range of materials, textures, palates and designs – it is contemporary in every aspect yet comfortable and alluring. Elements are incorporated into the collection when they are fine, balanced, high quality and carry the spirit of world leading design that echoes through MIOTTO.  

Beautiful forms define your space and express your personal style – sophisticated, balanced, fine… MIOTTO.  Choose design that communicates your individual flair and add the flavour of luxury to your home.


AHURA is an Italian brand and factory, established in the seventies of last century, which is being revolutionized the image of traditional ceramics. A valuable luxury goods that start to decorate with gold and platinum. Later it involves the use of glass, steel, silk, leather, Swarovski crystals and purest innovative enamels with precious metals.

The company is highly successful in foreign markets. Partnering with the most prestigious brands of furniture manufacturers, as her works exquisitely decorate and complement the sampling their catalogs and exhibition areas.

AHURA success stems from the excellent quality of the materials selected, special production processes and technologies invented and patented by the company.


Schuller S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing in Spain 49 years ago. We currently export to over 50 countries world-wide and have a portfolio of more than 5,000 regular clients. Schuller’s international presence is becoming increasingly more important. Between 2010 and 2015 alone, we enjoyed a 50% increase in our export billing.

Schuller’s 17,000 industrial centre for design and logistics for all of Europe, is located in Valencia, Spain. 

With more than 1,000 different products on offer, Schuller does its own unique designs and presents its own interpretation of home decoration, all of which is always in keeping with our well-earned reputation for high quality and aesthetic designs.


GIORGIOCASA, a brand backed by forty years of success, was founded to epitomize the fine craftsmanship of the Veneto region. Although it was originally the brainchild of Giorgio Mozzo, who still owns and runs the company. Over the years his son Gianluca and daughters Debora and Serena have become involved in the evolution of the family business.

Floor Expert

Experts in flooring from solid wood, wood and non-wood materials. They offer a variety of high quality laminates, three-layer, multi-layer and solid flooring, cork and vinyl flooring. All made with the latest technology and modern trends.

Floor Experts are compulsory and most necessary element for your home.


AV SOLUTION offer proven quality brands and leaders in the technology. You have the ability to choose high-end audio visual products from one place without leaving home. You can get professional help and guidance of our online consultants to make the right choice according to your requirements and of functionality.